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Spicy Cinnamon-Spiked Sweet Potato Tostadas

January 21, 2015

Hi friends!

Do you guys know Heather Christo?

She’s the creator of the Chimichurri Twice Baked Potato, the Sour Green Apple Jalapeño Margarita, and the best Greek Chicken and Potatoes you will ever make. Did I mention that all of this is allergen-free? Well it is, and you can find it over on her drop dead gorgeous blog where guess what? Today, you can also find my recipe for these Spicy Cinnamon-Spiked Sweet Potato Tostadas!

Spicy Cinnamon-Spiked Sweet Potato

One of my favorite simple dinners are tostadas. The ingredients are basic but the options are endless. I like to keep a package of tostada shells and a can of refried beans on hand for when the mood strikes and then all I need to do is either slice some steak, shred some chicken, or in this case roast some sweet potatoes to put on top.

Spicy Cinnamon-Spiked Sweet Potato Tostadas

The cinnamon and chile on these sweet potatoes are one of my favorite spice mixtures for root vegetables; neither one is over-powering and they lend such a unique profile to everything from parsnips to rutabaga— seriously try it. The little impromptu slaw on top is completely optional but it adds some crunch and freshness that is lovely with the fluffy sweet potatoes. Also, if you are a spice junkie like my husband, don’t forget the hot sauce. You can find the recipe over on

Spicy Sweet Potato Tostadas

Here are a couple of my other favorite tostada recipes too:

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