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10 Recipes To Try This Week

June 5, 2016
10 Recipes To Try This Week

Hiya! How’s your weekend going? I’m so happy you took a second to check in!

Life’s a tad bit nuts for us at the moment, but all in the best possible way. We are frantically packing boxes, trying to find a place to live in California (anyone have a house they want to rent us? We make lovely tenants.) mulching the crap out of the yard so our house looks pretty enough to sell, and oh yeah, Armando’s been out of town for two weeks and the kids and I are performing in an original ballet next Saturday.

What are you dealing with this week? If yours looks anything like mine you are going to love this week’s recipes; there’s a miracle, life-changing pasta carbonara, golden milk overnight oats to make sure you get breakfast in the morning, and a grapefruit-tequila cocktail to make sure you get your vitamin C.

Let me know if you get a chance to make any of these and what you think. Have a great week! xoxo, Kate

  1. Greek Braised Cinnamon Chicken from Tasty Yummies. I’m a firm believer in braised chicken, it always, always turns out well; never tough or dry plus this one has lots of cinnamon-spiked tomato sauce to drench steamed rice in.
  2. Grapefruit Sugar Pound Cake from Southern Souffle. There’s always room for citrusy pound cake. Make today and you can snack on it all week.
  3. Turkey Zucchini Burgers with Yogurt-Sumac Sauce from Weelicious. Shreds of zucchini ensure tender turkey burgers, plus they look pretty too. My kids probably won’t do the sumac sauce but you never know.
  4. Pineapple Salsa with Jicama from Simply Recipes. Jicama: totally underrated. It is a texture-lover’s heaven and a genius salsa ingredient. This may be a lot of texture for scooping up with chips but I bet it’s amazing on grilled fish.
  5. 6-Ingredient Spaghetti Carbonara from Turntable Kitchen. In my dreamworld where I can cook with dairy whenever I wish, I would totally make this for dinner at least once a week. I would also be at least 30 pounds heavier.
  6. Hawaiian Style Macaroni Salad from Spoon Fork Bacon. How do you feel about macaroni salads? They are a guilty pleasure of mine and this version with lots of crunchy veggies looks so good.
  7. Paloma Rosa Cocktail from 101 Cookbooks. In the summer we drink palomas like maybe too much. They are just too easy to make and so incredibly refreshing.
  8. Chicken Gyro Salad from Smitten Kitchen. It is officially big, huge, kitchen-sink-salad-for-dinner time.
  9. Golden Milk Overnight Oats from The Bojon Gourmet. Confession: I had no idea what golden milk was until I read this post.
  10. Sausage, Potato, and Green Bean Foil Packets from Damn Delicious. If I’m grilling I usually wrap a bunch of veggies in foil and put them on to cook at the same time, but this is like an entire meal in one packet! So perfect for weeknight cooking.

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  • Alanna June 6, 2016 at 4:51 am

    Thanks so much for the share, Kate! I want to make alllllllll of these, starting with that paloma. 🙂

    • Kate Ramos
      Kate Ramos June 6, 2016 at 12:22 pm

      Oh absolutely Alanna!! Thank you for opening my eyes to golden milk. LOL! I’m never going back to regular old milk again. 🙂